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Aug 14, 2019

How do you maintain confidence throughout the dating process, even when things don't work out? Online dating has produced so many changes to how we date. Now, you can connect with thousands of singles in seconds, but how do you find the best match for you? When you operate from a  fear of rejection, even the most confident people are not immune to the negative impact it can have on your dating life.  On this episode, you will meet Katherine, who began coaching with Kim because she was in the market for an image and dating confidence makeover. Now that her pictures are getting her clicks and interest, she's deep in the throes of the online dating vortex and is struggling to have fun, be flirtatious and exude the confidence while on the dates. The good news is, she's got a ton of matches, the challenge is sorting through to find the *right* kind of guy she can get excited about. Kim and Katherine talk through her most recent hurdle -- two dates canceling last minute -- and what Katherine can do to manage her expectations and feelings of disappointment.  Kim talks about the paradox of choice and why more people report feeling higher levels of anxiety around it. When dating feels transactional, establishing a meaningful connection isn't easy!  If you're working to increase your self-esteem, or have little or negative dating experiences, these effects can be even more painful. But it can be if you are armed with knowledge, realistic expectations and a heavy dose of self-compassion.  This conversation is energetic, honest and leaves you with a positive impression that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Kim talks Katherine through specific ways she can get out of her head on dates, release the burden of the expectation and shift her mindset to get a different result. If you're looking to gain more confidence in your flirting skills - back by popular demand - Kim is rebooting her 14-Day Flirt + Femininity Challenge on August 19th! If you're serious about changing your story, join a group of motivated, action-taking women and sign up here: