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Apr 27, 2022

Have you ever thought about surrendering to create love?  That doesn't mean compromising your values or letting someone else or external expectations dictate your future. Truly surrendering to love isn't about losing yourself -- it's about showing up as your authentic self and letting your highest self guide your next move, one step at a time. This week on the show, Kimmy has an inspiring conversation with Kute Blackson, a celebrated, emerging thought leader in personal development and the author of The Magic of Surrender  If you have been searching for a sign to release yourself from the pressure of expectations or patterns that don't serve your deepest desires, this episode will invite you to think differently.
EPISODE 242 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled:  Surrendering To Create Real Love:  Interview With Kute Blackson
Kute tells the story of growing up in Ghana under the guidance of his father, a minister and a healer, to arriving in the US determined to make a name for himself in his own right. After studying for years with gurus, sages and monks across the world, Kute developed his own unique style of coaching people to make transformational shifts in their life, based on a theory of "un-conditioning". If you feel family or societal expectations of what you "should" want or do are creating obstacles for you to succeed and fulfill your purpose in life, listen in. Kimmy and Kute talk through how to set goals that are authentic to you and the key factors that help you push past arising fear to stay on your chosen path. 

Stay tuned for a killer tip that will help you determine if you are on a path that is aligned with your highest self. If you are coming up against challenges over and over and you don't seem to be progressing beyond them, you'll hear some incredible advice on releasing yourself from those limitations and becoming more open. Kute shares the unbelievable story of how his parents met, and truly speaks to the power and magic of surrender to lead you to where you are meant to be. Kimmy and Kute dive into the incredible benefits of maintaining an open mind and open heart, not getting attached to the outcome, and how to spark meaningful change in your life by taking intentional action. 

If you are feeling the weight and pressure of external obligations and don't feel that you are living and searching for love from a place of alignment, maybe it's time to surrender. Reach out to Kimmy for a free 30-minute call here: When you are ready to do the work to uncover the kind of relationship you truly want, the power of surrender could be the key to leading you to where you want to be!
EPISODE 242 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled:  Surrendering To Create Real Love:  Interview With Kute Blackson.
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