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Nov 28, 2018

Have you ever been on a date and you think you did all of the right things yet he still didn’t ask you out again? Are you uncertain to what you might be doing that is affecting your chances of making a great first impression with your date? On this episode, Kim talks through 4 of the biggest mistakes that women make on first dates and why they don’t get asked back out. On this candid episode, Kim shares common issues she observes from her clients and then walks you through easy solutions to help you overcome these challenges on your next first encounter with a man. You'll hear key ingredients to creating more chemistry on dates, including tips around flirting, dressing for the first date and giving signals you are interested. So before you declare that there are "No good men out there!" listen to this podcast and see if you can get a different result with the men you are meeting! And, if you're ready to kill it on your next first date, there's still time to be a part of Kim's new 21-Day Challenge: How To Rock Out A Great First Impression, that hooks the looks and seals the deals! Kim will be with you for 21 days starting December 3 where she'll give you practical tools to develop a new image that will build confidence and strengthen you emotionally, mentally and physically for only $47 so check it out and don’t delay!