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Oct 28, 2020

Spirituality is an integral part of the human experience, and for many of us, our spiritual selves are tied to our desires to find a lasting, loving relationship. If you're working on yourself (and therefore working on your dating life), tapping into your spiritual side could be key to getting to know yourself more deeply and overcoming what's holding you back from achieving your goals. This week on The Charisma Quotient, Kimmy interviews Laura Michelle Powers, a celebrity psychic who helps her clients to communicate with loved ones, angels, spirits, and other energy beings. Powers is the author of seven books and hosts the Healing Powers Podcast.
EPISODE 165 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled:  Spirituality And Your Love Life:  Interview With Laura Michelle Powers
These two jump in right away to talk through Laura's journey from working in politics to following her intuition to embrace both her psychic abilities and her creativity as a rewarding and successful career path. Everyone has the ability to tap into their empathic self, which is the ability to feel the emotions and energy of others in your body. Laura and Kimmy discuss the value of welcoming this ability and how it can open up new ways of seeing the world, yourself, and others. This conversation will invite you to explore how you can look inwardly for answers and certainty, instead of relying on others to validate for you. You'll learn some helpful tips to distinguish whether fears or hesitations that have blocked you from taking action in the past truly originate from you or from others. If you have a tendency to shapeshift in order to please other people, this episode will help you to investigate what's going on for you internally so you can take full ownership of your needs and desires. This conversation will invite you to develop an awareness of your empathic abilities and work to release the fears you have around the unknown so you can create a plan to go for what you really want. 
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EPISODE 165 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled:  Spirituality And Your Love Life:  Interview With Laura Michelle Powers.  The Charisma Quotient Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many of your other favorite podcast channels. ⁣
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