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Aug 2, 2019

This week, we're doing something special to mark the 100th Episode of the Charisma Quotient! This episode is a conversation between Kim and the never heard before show's producer Anna, counting down the Top 5 episodes thus far. You'll hear a short clip from each episode and Kim breaking down the biggest Life Love Lessons while sharing some incredible client success stories around each lesson.   Wherever you are in your love journey, this episode will have a tip you can use! It's like the greatest hits of the podcast up to this point. 

Listen in to learn how to evaluate your own behavior on dates and what to look for when you're attracting the wrong kind of partner for you. Or, if you have a tendency to stay in relationships for too long, #5 on the countdown will give you some insight into how to shift your results. For the ladies, if you're caught up in feeling like there are no good men out there or that you just aren't speaking the same language as the men you date, #2 on the countdown will answer some of your questions. Plus, Kim reads several notes from former clients who have discovered the confidence and courage inside themselves to live their best love life. You'll hear a story from a woman who's meeting, flirting and connecting with great men in new places, a woman who finally attracted the right guy for her, and a beautiful, touching story from a woman who discovered her fairytale romance that brings tears to Kim’s eyes. 

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