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Jan 29, 2020

Do you believe that you are capable of everything you want to achieve in your life? Do you believe you deserve a loving, happy, and healthy relationship? This week, Kim tackles a BIG question we've all had: are you GOOD ENOUGH? It doesn't matter if you're already successful by other people's standards or if you're just starting your life's journey--we all deal with feeling like we're not *enough* for a lot of different reasons.  But sometimes those negative messages are so loud that it negatively affects your ability to attract a healthy relationship.  If you have ever questioned whether or not you're good enough to deserve what you want, this show was made just for you! Kim dives into how your experience growing up informs how you think about yourself. If you've ever found yourself trying to fix other people or putting others before yourself consistently, it may be your way to seek approval or validation which could be killing your love life. Kim delivers essential tips that will help you reprogram the inner critic so that you can walk into your next date, networking event or any social situation feeling good enough. When you're ready to shed your insecurities and be honest about your strengths, you begin to shine and attract the kind of people in your life who actually deserve you. In our social media-obsessed world, it can become all too easy to compare yourself to others. To combat that, you'll hear about what you can do to boost your body confidence, starting with downloading your free body type guide on Kim's site, So, if you're ready to stop the Gremlins in your head and start being your best self - sign up for a free breakthrough call with Kim right here: You deserve to see yourself as attractive, sexy and yes…good enough!