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May 15, 2019

Have you ever had minor heart palpitations trying to decide what to text a guy back? Do you spend more time coming up with a million "what ifs" about potential dates than you do getting asked out?  Are you constantly worried about being rejected or not being good enough?   If so, this episode about how to deal with dating anxiety is for you! This week, Kim interviews Shira Myrow, mindfulness-based marriage and family therapist who is deeply committed to helping people process painful experiences and dysfunctional relationships into secure, resilient narratives.  Kim starts off by defining what dating anxiety is and how the various symptoms can paralyze your dating life.  Kim and Shira dive right into a conversation about how Shira began her work helping people develop relationship intelligence. When it comes to handling anxiety in dating, you can't manufacture a spark between two people, but you can learn how to have a happy, healthy, loving relationship! Shira talks about how to notice and deal with anxious thoughts before you spin down a rabbit hole or try so hard to suppress an anxious feeling that you never move past it. If you've had bad experiences dating, had issues with your family growing up or are just lost in how to manage your feelings and emotions as you embark on your journey, listen in for some useful tips! Anxiety in dating is super common, but there is a way to overcome it! Reduce your dating anxiety right now, and give Kim a call for a FREE 30-minute breakthrough session. Coaching may be your best option for working through your anxiety and landing the relationship you want!