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Aug 29, 2018

This week, Kim interviews Ryan Moran, an entrepreneur, founder of and the host of the Freedom Fast Lane Podcast. This show is all about how to create an abundance mindset in your love life, especially when it looks like your options are scarce. Ryan and Kim have a candid conversation about how challenging and painful moments in our lives prompt us to identify patterns we want to change. While moments of adversity can catapult us to action, Kim introduces the fact that success can also motivate positive change. This interview will help connect the dots between how your brain physically responds to positive and negative stimuli, and how that actually shows up in your life. The key is that action promotes change, and the more you can jump straight into action, the bigger shifts you will begin to see.  Remember, when you internalize the fact that there IS enough love to go around out there, you will begin to act as if that is true and start to see real results.  This episode is full of incredible tips!  As always, if you're looking for a supportive community to help push you to action where you're stuck, join Kim's free private Facebook group, Love Makeover Insiders for women committed to transforming their love lives from the outside in