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Jun 26, 2019

Be vulnerable, be authentic... be yourself! It's a lot easier said than done. This week, Kim interviews Robert Kandell, a speaker, Amazon bestselling author, and host of the podcast TuffLove. Robert has taught more than 10,000 people using his expertise in interpersonal communication in relationships. On this show, you'll hear an honest conversation where Robert shares the defining moment in his life when he was not seeing or hearing his wife's needs. You'll hear how he and his wife at the time began working to develop a practice around vulnerability and intimacy. 

Kim and Robert talk about society's definitions of masculinity and femininity, how it can discourage us to not open up or worse yet, create unrealistic expectations. Happiness is not achieved because we match society's definition perfectly, there's a lot of personal development work that goes into being truly happy with who we are. Kim asks Robert to define the steps to become more vulnerable and authentic.  They walk you through how you can teach yourself to be more vulnerable through practice, repetition and learning the language! 

Tune in to hear about how to share personal and even intimate "secrets" you have with someone you're dating - especially if you're afraid to reveal something. Robert shares exactly how to bring up sensitive conversation topics with someone you're dating, whether it's date #1 or #10. If you're looking to be more vulnerable, authentic and show up more like your true self on dates, this episode is for you! Want to jumpstart your own development? Take the first step and sign up for a breakthrough call with Kim right here: 

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