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Dec 18, 2019

So how many times do you cover your ears or put on a fake smile in fear of being yourself?  How much energy do you expend worrying about being normal, proper or polite in order to be accepted? This week, we're getting *real*. Really freaking real by learning how to be your authentic self to attract love. Kim interviews Lisa Cherney, host of the ground-breaking Get F**king Real Podcast and founder of the GFR Squad. Lisa works with entrepreneurs and business owners to strip the masks and get real into order to help people fulfill their mission. This conversation cuts to the core fast - you might be surprised how Lisa's tips usually reserved for marketers and entrepreneurs are completely applicable in the dating world. Here's the truth, when you hide your authentic and vulnerable side, you actually attract lopsided relationships and you're much more likely to feel resentment. Kim and Lisa discuss how if you find yourself "tolerating" people, situations or environments around you, it sucks up both negative energy and physical space in your life. You'll hear some juicy, incredible tips from both experts about how to let go of the things in your life that don't feel good and how that will allow the universe to attract positivity.  Listen as Lisa shares her unique GFR commandments and how those can help you in relationships and love.  And, stick around to hear a great trick you can use to help you figure out the source of your self-doubt so you can learn how to overcome it. If you're sick and tired of not being honest with yourself and with others and you're dying to feel the energy, passion, and spark in your life again, you’ll love this episode! If you want to understand the tools to give yourself permission to get real and find your authentic self, you've got to sign up for a FREE breakthrough call with Kim by clicking right here: It's almost the end of the decade, it's not worth spending another moment not living as the REAL you.