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May 23, 2018

Kim talks with Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach, Carol Allen about what goes into attracting a relationship that will last.  Vedic astrology is an old Indian system that is said to be much more predictive of your love life than your run of the mill magazine horoscope. Kim and Carol have a lively and personal conversation about getting confident and clear on what you want in a relationship, alignment and missed connections with soulmates. Carol and Kim mind-meld on astrology and psychology, and talk through how our past is deeply connected to our future.  Find out how negative experiences from the past might be interfering with your relationships now and ways you can be powerful enough to change possible outcomes. Discover how being committed to getting clear on what you want and where you're at in your life is essential to attracting the kind of relationship you want.  And if you're looking to get clear on your love goals, join Love Makeover Insiders, Kim's FREE private Facebook group for women committed to transforming their love lives from the outside in