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Jul 28, 2023

How do you lead with your authentic voice? In your journey to find love, are you being true to who you are or are you shape-shifting into someone you’re not?  If you are terrified to flirt, approach someone you’ve never met before, or don’t feel confident showing up as your true self, this conversation is for you. This week, Kimmy has an enlightening conversation with Hersh Rephun, who is a brand voice expert and the host of the Yes, BRAND Podcast, with a background in comedy and entertainment. He helps people find their authentic brand voice to communicate with their audience in an honest way.
EPISODE 306 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Finding Your Authentic Brand Voice:  Interview With Hersh Rephun
Kimmy and Hersh Rephun talk about the perils of “shape-shifting”, where you prioritize pleasing others over being authentic to who you truly are.  Kimmy asks Hersh to share his story of how he transitioned from the world of stand-up comedy to being a brand strategist today. Hersh shares how difficult it was to transition from playing characters on stage to speaking honestly in his own voice. Stay tuned to hear some of Hersh’s signature voices from his comedy days!  Kimmy and Hersh discuss how improvisational games and leaning into being silly and playful can help you discover the confidence you didn’t know you had within you.  Kimmy asks Hersh to share tips about common misconceptions about how to express your authentic voice. You’ll hear examples from Hersh’s work with major brands and how that translates to communicating who you are personally.  Kimmy and Hersh break down how humor can be an incredible connector, but it can also cause distance between you and another person — or you and yourself.  Hersh and Kimmy have a fascinating conversation about how to flip that script and use your challenges to showcase your power.
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EPISODE 306 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Finding Your Authentic Brand Voice:  Interview With Hersh Rephun.  The Charisma Quotient Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many of your other favorite podcast channels.
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