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Nov 24, 2023

A Real Golden Bachelorette Finds Love: Where Are They Now with Leslie
Welcome back to one of our favorite segments on The Charisma Quotient: Where are They Now? In this heartwarming episode, Kimmy sits down with former client Leslie, a widow who embarked on a journey to find love in her second act. Leslie's incredible transformation will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.
Episode 323 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast: A Real Golden Bachelorette Finds Love: Where Are They Now with Leslie
Leslie joined Kimmy's coed dating retreat program after attending Kimmy’s workshop about flirting and sexy confidence. 
She was a relationship person with little dating experience and was finding herself feeling lost and not knowing how to put herself out there.  The thought of flirting horrified her and she realized that she was closed off, guarded and in her head a lot.  She also didn’t realize that she was hiding in her clothes and didn’t like bringing attention to herself. 
Through undergoing a style makeover, learning dating and flirting skills, Leslie became more open and vulnerable, leading her to start dating men she wouldn't have considered before.
Eventually, she met someone who brought happiness into her life and is in a beautiful relationship today.
Leslie's success story highlights the importance of being present and enjoying the dating journey, as well as the power of self-discovery and embracing one's true self. 
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