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Jun 2, 2023

What are you afraid of when it comes to love and dating?  Being scared or worried about things like flirting, online dating, going on a first date, finding the right person are usually symptoms of underlying bigger fears like rejection or getting hurt.  This week you’ll hear Kimmy’s LIVE coaching session with Elena, a woman who wants to overcome her anxieties around dating after going through three divorces. 
EPISODE 298 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Overcoming Your Dating Fears:  Coaching With Kimmy
Kimmy shares actionable tips and insights on how Elena can start to push past her fear of a failed future relationship.  Elena shares more about her upbringing and how watching her parents relationship has impacted her outlook on love. Elena talks through her biggest fears around finding love again. If you’re like Elena, you’ve felt like you lost yourself in past relationships and are ready for something different. Kimmy gives Elena her top action items for her to rediscover her playful, flirtatious side!  Listen in to hear about Elena’s sexy alter ego and how Kimmy uses this to help her get past her fears and out of her head.  It’s not about dating to find your next partner or spouse, it’s about finding out what you want and defining what makes you happy.
If you’re ready to get past your fears and feel confident, playful and fun when dating in an authentic way, there are 2 new upcoming opportunities for you.  First, join Kimmy June 15 for her next co-ed interactive workshop called Authentic Dating: Conquering Your Fears And Expressing Yourself where you will learn to get out of feeling stuck in a cycle of fear and insecurity when it comes to dating. You'll leave the workshop inspired, confident, and ready to navigate the dating world with a fun positive attitude!  Just click the link to register but hurry these spots go quick

Also Kimmy is doing another one of her epic co-ed dating retreat programs that is coming up in June/July called Dating Reimagined in Southern California so if you are interested definitely contact her directly by going to to see if it’s fit.  She only has a few spots left for this so contact her sooner than later!
EPISODE 298 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Overcoming Your Dating Fears:  Coaching With Kimmy
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