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Jan 22, 2020

Are you afraid to put yourself out there or are you ready to speak out and be heard?  Did you know that finding and owning your voice is a huge part of interaction and attraction?  When it comes to finding love, owning your voice is essential - but finding the courage to speak up AND be vulnerable can be tough. Luckily, Kim's bringing on an expert at finding the voice from within - celebrated voice actor and coach, David Rosenthal. As CEO of Global Voice Acting Academy, he's voiced thousands of commercials and video games and has helped countless people discover their inner ability to move through the world without fear. David discusses details of how you can build up your self-confidence and conversational skills with some easy to do exercises. You'll hear some of the things David does with his clients so you can test them yourself and start establishing your voice now. This conversation will help you feel empowered to play! Learn how to experiment with your tonality, speed, and volume so you can bring your stories to life. And listen in to hear David coach Kim in a quick improv session to learn how it’s done! If you're looking to improve your self-confidence, speak your truth and find your voice, reach out to Kim for a free 30-minute breakthrough session: If you find yourself shrinking in conversations or you feel scared to shared your opinions, thoughts and stories with others - it's time to break out and make a change! Book your call today.