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Jun 5, 2019

Welcome back to the second installment of Where Are They Now!  These episodes are a great chance to catch up with people who have previously been coached by Kim who are now in happy, successful relationships. On this show, Kim has a conversation with Stephen back from Episode 24 in 2018. When we last heard from Stephen, he was trying to figure out how to balance not diving in too deep, too soon and taking it slow with the women he meets. Since then, Stephen met a wonderful woman and they've been in a great relationship full of adventures for a year. Stephen shares his mindset and dating life when he first started working with Kim. He was going on a lot of first dates that never progressed anywhere meaningful. In the next stage, he would date someone for several months, but inevitably their connection would fizzle out. Through working with Kim, Stephen has been able to grow and learn to build deeper, emotional relationships with the people he meets. Stephen now shares that with his current girlfriend exemplified by him being much more vulnerable, sharing feelings and being open and intentional in conversations. Listen in to hear the steps that Stephen took to get to that point and a fun game you can play with your next date to practice reconnecting on an emotional level! If you're ready for a stronger connection in your love life, just like Stephen - start with the first step as he did: sign up for a FREE 30-minute breakthrough call with Kim right now: And, if you want to join Kim's 14-Day Flirt & Femininity Challenge - it starts today June 5!! Click here to sign up and learn the key ingredients to attract the men everywhere: