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Dec 4, 2019

It's time for another episode of Where Are They Now?, the segment where Kim brings back former coaching clients to share success stories and progress. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! This week, you'll meet Ivy, a podcast listener of 2 years and a veteran of Kim's Flirt and Femininity Challenge and private coaching program. When Ivy started with Kim, she had no dating experience and had a lot of fears that were holding her back. She needed someone to hold her accountable to her goals and help her take the leap into self-love and confidence so she started with the 14-Day online challenge.  Seeing how effective the program was for her, at the end Ivy was determined to take it to the next level and coach with Kim through private phone coaching.  Kim and Ivy discuss how picky she used to be regarding men, how her perfectionism got in the way of letting go on dates and just having fun, and how she was limiting her opportunities with this mindset. This conversation is inspiring and uplifting! You'll hear all about how Ivy transformed to be able to express her emotions more clearly, learned to respect herself fully and get to know and love the woman she is.  With her new found confidence, Ivy is now dating up a storm and actually having fun doing it!   And, if you love a good makeover transformation, you've got to head over to Kim's Instagram page @kimmyseltzer to see Ivy's transformation for yourself! If you're listening and find that motivation is the obstacle blocking your path, this is your chance to break out of your pattern and start where Ivy did! Sign up for the next round of Kim's Flirt and Femininity Challenge by clicking right here: is a private group just for women like you to learn flirting techniques, feel more connected with your body and feminine energy. The challenge starts on December 11th, so sign up while you can!