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Oct 2, 2019

This week, Kim connects with her recent coaching client, Amanda, for another episode of Where Are They Now?  This is the segment where Kim chats with the women and men she's worked with before to learn how their lives have transformed outside and in. When you listen to these episodes, you will be inspired and motivated to hear not only that these tips and tools actually work, but that there is sticking power to people’s successes. Amanda's story with Kim began 3 months prior to this episode as a divorced woman starting over  after 11 years of marriage. Amanda felt completely lost and lacked motivation to date.  More specifically, it was revealed that she needed help working on expressing her needs, relieving herself of some of the old tapes that were keeping her stuck as a caregiver and to stop self-medicating with alcohol as a release to cope.  Now after just 3 months coaching with Kim, Amanda's having fun dating a younger man, just bought a new house, and has the confidence to up level her career with a new job!  Now, she's got a new man and a whole new outlook on life.  Kim helped Amanda uncover some codependent tendencies she carried with her into her relationship and you’ll hear how she learned to prioritize her own self-care and self-awareness. You'll even hear how Kim helped bring to the surface something Amanda didn't even know she was saying in order to accommodate other people. Listen to the end for some advice from Amanda if you're on the fence about reaching out for coaching or help.  Imagine where you could be in 3 months, a year or even two years from now! If you've been getting the same results over and over again and you need something new in your life to break that pattern, sign up for a FREE coaching session with Kim right now: In just 30 minutes you could have a whole new outlook and specific next steps to start loving yourself and your new life.