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May 22, 2019

Every week, Kim talks through dating difficulties and how to overcome them. One challenge many people experience is trying to date while straddling two cultures. Whether you grew up in a family with strong cultural values that differ from traditional American ones or are exploring the dating scene from a foreign perspective in any capacity, this episode is here to help! On this show, you'll meet Fred. He comes from a culture where the values of his Muslim faith were paramount, and intimate relationships between men and women are navigated quite differently than his experience in the American dating scene. Although he's tried to explore opportunities on dating apps like Bumble, he's feeling frustrated that his values don't seem to align well with the values of the women he's meeting both online and in person. Listen as Kim coaches Fred live through many of the challenges he's faced on his journey to find love and get married. Kim walks Fred through how to define realistic expectations for himself, begin creating his own "mini culture" that he defines outside the boundaries of his cultural background and develop a dating plan in America. If you're struggling to find a comfortable balance dating between cultures, or the entire dating world feels like a foreign experience to you -- help is out there! Sign up for a FREE 30-minute breakthrough call with Kim here:  The relationship you want is out there, you just need to take action and get the tools you need to discover it! And, starting June 6th, you can join Kim’s exclusive 14-Day Flirt and Femininity Challenge to help you learn the key ingredients to attract men. Join the private Facebook group challenge here: