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May 2, 2018

On this week's coaching episode, Kim does a deep dive with Melissa about how ghosts from the past can haunt new relationships. Melissa is in a new relationship with a great guy and things are going well. But...she can't shake off the anxiety that bubbles up when she doesn't hear from him.  In fact, 24 hours without a text is causing her to feel like the relationship is ending! Kim talks through some emotional patterns that originated in Melissa's family with her father and helps her discover for the first time how these patterns have triggered anxiety with her new guy.  Kim discusses the source of Melissa's fear of abandonment and how the subconscious mind can bring these issues to the forefront, even in a happy, loving relationship. Many of us, just like Melissa, have feared that a guy might suddenly lose interest in us, ghost us, or move on without closure. So don't miss Kim's tips for boosting your self-esteem, getting to know how your new beau shows affection, and how to deal with the source of your fears head on. This conversation is the epitome of an emotional breakthrough! If you're ready to take the first step in uncovering what's blocking you from finding love in your life, join Kim’s FREE private Love Makeover Insider's Facebook group for women committed to transforming their love lives from the outside in