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May 30, 2018

This week on Coaching with Kim, Kim chats with Easter, who's struggling to feel recognized and appreciated at work. Although Easter currently has a loving relationship with a supportive partner, Kim dovetails into how patterns at work relate to relationships and social confidence in your life overall. Kim and Easter talk through Easter's upbringing in a socially isolated, strict religious household and how that experience directly impacts her experience at work.  Easter has gone through some big transformations in her life that helped her move on from a bad marriage and break programming from her background she wanted to release. Kim helps her identify what she did to move forward from her childhood and marriage and apply that to her career.  Kim gives Easter some specific strategies to break through her patterns and help her identify and envision what she truly wants for her professional life. If you're interested in having a FREE breakthrough session like Easter's, Sign up HERE: for your own today!