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Aug 8, 2018


On this episode, Coaching with Kim, you'll meet Danielle who's noticed a pattern in her relationships and is ready for a big shift. Kim and Danielle's coaching session focuses on "Attachment Theory", a psychological model that defines interpersonal relationships and how we respond when we feel unsafe, hurt, or fearful. There are 3 types of attachment styles Kim discusses on the show so you’ll hear how these styles play out in her relationships.  As the youngest of 7 daughters, she learned how to be invisible growing up and didn't learn how to express her feelings consistently. Now she's an independent powerhouse in her career but when it comes to romance nothing ever seems to stick. Kim helps Danielle sort through her experiences growing up and how they've informed her attachment style. This session is powerful because Danielle has committed to the most important first step...deciding to look inward and begin the process to change herself. This conversation will show you the power of how labeling and understanding your patterns can ignite a mindset shift inside you that will help you attract the kind of partner you really want. If you're looking for a more supportive community to help you with your love life, join Love Makeover Insiders, Kim's FREE private Facebook group for women committed to transforming their love lives from the outside in